My life has never been the same. I was addicted to several SSRI's and another mood stabilizer with many failed attempts at withdraw. I knew I didn't need these medications but every time I would reduce the dose by cutting small pills and or pouring out powder from a capsule the symptoms were unbearable. Praise God for Compounding Pharmacy Of America! They were able to provide proper reduced dosages over a long period and I am now drug free and all with little or now withdraw effects..I feel whole again! Greatful Customer..Frank


I was addicted to pain killers and sleeping pills. My life became a living nightmare. Every time I tried to reduce these medications the withdraw was down right frighting and I felt like I was going to die. I'm so grateful for the staff at Compounding Pharmacy Of America who created my Compounding Perscription and I began a painless journey to a drug free existence. I have my life back and am no longer in bondage to Pharmacomania...Thank You! Linda




Compounding Pharmacy Of America is an independently owned compounding pharmacy portal where those that are in desperate need to reduce and or come off Psychotropic and Depression medications can do so in a safe and comfortable manner. 


Our specialty at Compounding Pharmacy Of America is our state-of-the-art Compounding Conversion System, which enables your Reduction Prescription to be custom tailored to your special biology.  


Our commitment to quality, friendly service, and having a professional, knowledgeable staff continues to make Compounding Pharmacy Of America the best choice for the safe withdraw from Psycho-Pharmaceuticals.


“Compounding“  medications means that we can tailor-make them for each individual patient. This is particularly advantageous for the safe withdraw of these mind/brain harming compounds, and one of the areas in which we have a great deal of experience.